08 Sep, 2016

About: Engaging People

This category is sponsored by Flagship Group

What are we looking for?

This is a very interesting category which addresses the concepts of gamification and behavioural insights and whether they can be utilised to improve the experience of tenants and of colleagues

How can we best understand our staff and customers and what drives them?
What are the best ways to influence people into making positive decisions?
What is the mechanism which best enables this and how can it be incorporated into the core business?

What can we offer?

Depending on the level of development of your business we can offer a variety of support for you. Our package includes free London office space, senior mentoring from within the sector and from business leaders, and piloting opportunities. We will tailor the programme to you, so the more we know about you the better!

Let us know if you would like some information or support with your application!

What does the Flagship Group Sponsorship mean for you?
• Full access to the wider programme
• Dedicated support from Flagship
• Separate pitch/ demo event for this category with extra support
• Access to people covering the full range of Flagship Group’s operations allowing for more advanced integration and commercial opportunities