08 Sep, 2016

About: Repairs and Maintenance

What are we looking for?

Repairs and Maintenance throws up the biggest challenges for our relationships with our customers and staff. No one wants to be without a vital service, such as heating or electricity, however the challenges of maintaining a large estate with a potentially enormous variety in systems and tool requirements means that it can be hard to deal with issues as quickly as we would like.

Ideally we would like to ensure that preventative maintenance reduces these incidents to zero, however realistically there will always be issues. We are looking for technologies that help us with both these questions.

Our pioneers have suggested the following questions:

Can we provide proactive maintenance to reduce repair callouts?

How can we lower the costs of repairs and maintenance?

How can we reduce missed appointments/ no-access issues?

Can we use more hardware (eg: monitoring technology or drones) to assess/ remotely carry out maintenance and repairs?

Can we help tenants self-manage their own repairs and maintenance?

How can we use Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools to make better decisions?

What can we offer?

Depending on the level of development of your business we can offer a variety of support for you. Our package includes free London office space, senior mentoring from within the sector and from business leaders, and piloting opportunities. We will tailor the programme to you, so the more we know about you the better!

Let us know if you would like some information or support with your application!