08 Sep, 2016

About: Vulnerable and Older People

What are we looking for?

As the population ages there will be a large growth in the challenges for social housing providers. Each of our pioneers are dedicated to improving the lives of their tenants and recognise that the needs of some people require increased attention and support to allow them to live in their homes happily, comfortably and safely.

As such this category was suggested with the intention of discovering the best technologies and services to support older and vulnerable people.

The key challenges are:
How can we meet the challenges of the ageing population?
How can we provide better services for older and vulnerable people?
Can we reduce social isolation?
Can we reduce digital exclusion?
How do we help people get in to a property which is right for them?

What can we offer?

Depending on the level of development of your business we can offer a variety of support for you. Our package includes free London office space, senior mentoring from within the sector and from business leaders, and piloting opportunities. We will tailor the programme to you, so the more we know about you the better!

Let us know if you would like some information or support with your application!